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Vanditos scene

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The American van scene is in resurgence within the US and UK! Vanditos was formed to bring classic American van owners together in the UK, something different from other established van clubs in the UK. Vanditos host VanJam once a year (normally in June). The event is aimed at classic American van owners, lovers and aspiring future owners. 

So what's it all about, well some of the Vanditos members remember the 70's and some would have lived it. We have added some links below to stories, memories to give an understanding the history behind American Vannin.

So the history is cool, but what does this mean to us? I guess the answer is not a lot! Vanditos is about having fun, enjoying these old machine that all have a story, most of the vans are older than their owners. The 2% and NSVA story is old news, history reminds us to appreciate each other, enjoy these old classic American vans and let the good times roll!! 

So as mentioned earlier, the scene is in resurgence both in the US and UK. I have added a couple of links to magazines promoting the classic American Van scene in all its goodness!!


10 vintage American vans




History of 2%

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