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The Vanditos

Are you a Vanditos, well if you own a sixties, seventies or even rad eighties yank van you can be. Vanditos is a van clan who adore, admire and enjoys meeting with buddies to drool over these masterpieces shipped over the pond to the UK.

The vision, to relive the seventies. groups of vanners meeting around the uk. classic American cars have always had their meets, loads of dedicated classic car meets around the uk, but nothing aimed at the yank vanner. A club for American van owners in the UK.

Who are the cogs behind the Vanditos machine, a group of dedicated vanners and their families. We are all dedicated UK vanners owning sixties and seventies American vans. Our love for vans and meeting with like minded vanners is our passion. we would love you all to come join us, party time Vanditos!!


Vanditos Gallery (send in your van pics)


Vanditos contact and events

Flat Caps & Ferrets 2021
Vanditos VanJam 2+
Fir Tree Campsite
Hotrods And Hills 2021
Park Foot Holiday Park
Retro Festival Newark 2021
Newark Showground
Cofton Weekender 2021
Retro Festival Newbury 2021
Newbury Showground
Wheels Day 2021
Rushmoor Road

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