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Now living in Kingswinford, hubby Paul and I brought our Prairie Girl Chevyvan G20 over with us when we returned from Canada. She is a little unusual in that she is a full van and not a day van or camper.

Used as my daily driver through the snows and -35 temperatures of the Saskatchewan prairies, she never let me down, night or day. She arrived here in the UK in April 2017 and unfortunately we haven't done anything with her yet. She is to have a ground up resto and engine rebuild. Her heart is a gutsy small block 5.7 with an Edelbrock carb conversion. We really hope she will be at some Vandito events soon, but will probably be wearing drab grey primer and not be in her full glory.

Until my Prairie Girl is up and running again, I am running around in my 93 Astro. This was a project that took us 14 months to restore and is now almost ready to roll again for the first time in 5 years!


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