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Jan 11, 2020
In Mopar
So I've finally (slowly) got stuck in to getting some work done on the van! I got some Dynamat cheap (good old ebay) and have started getting the doghouse covered on the inside with the sound deadening mat. I've put insulation over the Dynamat as well, to try and keep the doghouse a bit cooler. I'll get the floor and the front wall done this weekend. I plan on taking out the interior trim panels and covering the inside of the bodywork over the next couple of weekends. I took a sound measurement inside the van at cruising speeds and it came up at 86 decibels so it'll be interesting to see what difference the Dynamat can make? I've sent the gauges away to a company in Scotland to be refurbished and that will cost 300 quid. I thought that was pretty good! The company is called "Classic Spares and Engineering" and so far communication with them has been great, I'll keep you posted on the end result. The other major thing is that I've ordered some wheel spacers for the rear wheels. I love the Magnum 500's but they look lost in the rear wheel arches so I've ordered some 40mm spacers to push them out a bit. I'll update as work progresses.
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