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VJ2 Postponed

It is with regret the Vanditos team have taken the decision to postpone VanJam 2 (VJ2). We have today reviewed the government guidelines/rules and based on the social distancing and gather rules VJ2 will not be able to proceed in June.

The Vanditos team will continue to review the government guidelines/rules relating to social distancing and gathers to make a decision once we have clarity on when gathers can proceed (this will need to include the relaxation of the social distancing rules).

VanJam 2 will happen; it’s just a matter of when it will be one hell of a party!!

While were unable to proceed with a physical gathering we will be hosting a virtual VanJam! Saturday evening (6th June) the Vanditos team will host a video virtual gathering for all Vanditos members. We would like to ask if John and Karle would like to DJ, play us some tunes while we all socialise over the interweb. The video chat can host up to 100 participants, enough room for everyone.

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